Why Adolphus?

Adolphus Homes is the smart choice for your next home purchase for many reasons –

Price – we provide your new home at the lowest cost to you while making sure our communities experience growth and appreciation based on your home cost.  We do not “price up” our homes just to discount them back.

Quality – it starts with the concept that homes need to be comfortable to live in year round, easy to maintain, and made with proven, long-lasting components.

Experience – you are involved from the beginning with every choice being yours.  You choose your dream home, the home site and all the finishes you want.  This helps you maintain your needs, lifestyle and budget.  You’ll be connected throughout the homebuilding process of your home, always knowing what is happening at every step.

Reputation/Hometown Homebuilder – being a local, private homebuilder, we live where we build and answer to our buyers rather than an investor 12 states away.  We develop and participate in communities we are proud of and work to stay involved in all community activity for each of our DFW communities.

Communities – we don’t just build homes, we build communities.  At the heart of every community are good schools and amenities.  Adolphus’ involvement with many educational, community and business organizations allows us to help establish great communities for people to live, work and play.

Choice/Customization – we let you decide what you’d like for your new home and provide a great selection of choices.  From the number of bedrooms and extra space to the type of lighting, you have control of your home.  Our experienced sales counselors walk through the selections process with you step by step allowing homebuyers to view and experience all the choices in person.

Energy Efficiency – Adolphus’ new homes are 100% ENERGY STAR® certified.  Through our practices to achieve this, we reduce your monthly costs, create a healthier living environment and provide better long-term home value while being proud of our global stewardship in the process.

Building practices/trade partners – we work diligently to assemble and cultivate not only a great team of builders, but also a great group of trade partners.  Our customer satisfaction is enhanced by continually working together to improve quality in every area.  We value long standing trade partnerships and get the best out of our teams.

New vs. Used – you get the power to personalize your new home just the way you want it.  Our new homes will also give you a better use of space (open floor plans and ideal room layouts), built energy-efficient and offer a warranty you wouldn’t receive from existing homes in the market.

Customer Care – taking care of our customers is the most important job we have.  We pride ourselves on taking care of our homeowners before, during and after they’ve moved in to their new home.  We pride ourselves on building quality homes that last.  In the event that issues do arise, our customer care team makes every effort to have it corrected as soon as possible. Our goal is always customer satisfaction.

Home Buyers Club – For our homebuyers that need to overcome financial obstacles before buying a new home, this free service is here for you.  From extra guidance through the buying process to major qualifying issues that you need help fixing, we are here to help.